Reputation Management + Social Media

= More Leads

  • Capture and share customer experiences to generate
    better leads

  • Collect reviews and recommendations

    Request reviews and recommendations from clients and collect them through your own site using the Nexly toolbar.

    After reviews have been submitted, simply choose the ones that you want to highlight.

  • Broadcast reviews across the web

    Once you approve reviews, they will automatically display on your website in the Nexly toolbar.

    You can also use Nexly to post reviews to social-media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

  • Generate web traffic and capture leads

    Social-media updates drive traffic back to your site where visitors can use the inquiry tab in the Nexly toolbar to connect with your business.

    We provide you with detailed analytics to help you monitor the source of leads.

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Reputation + Social Media = More Leads

Nexly combines the social proof of client recommendations and reviews with the reach of social media to give smaller businesses more brand awareness and credibility.

We Believe that Simple is Better

Our goal is to provide an easy-to-understand, affordable toolset that helps your business build brand awareness and generate leads.

Some of the Highlights

  • People

    Improved client engagement

    Nexly helps you increase client interaction and better understand your clients' experiences while also driving leads and improving your marketing efforts.

  • Chart

    Generate more traffic and leads

    By automatically publishing content to various web destinations, our tools will drive more traffic to your website where you use Nexly to capture these leads.

  • Map

    Insights to make better decisions

    We provide a dashboard of information to help you understand what content and sites are most useful in driving traffic and leads back to your business.

  • Gears

    Easy to configure and use

    With little effort you can enable the toolbar to start displaying and collecting recommendations and reviews, while also capturing new leads.